Creativity Flowing! Website live…next step hosting!

Last posting was while in the energy of Grandmother Bertha and the Aloha spirit. The time signaled the beginning of the end of a period of introspection, that has now given way to a period of renewed creativity. Have to admit…it was difficult to have the patience, be willing to stay in the quiet, allow what needed to happen, happen. It challenged me in every way…my experience of faith/grace/blessings. The world changed alot. So did I.

Website, Spiritual Care Associates, finally brought up on August 26th.


Much to be done to continue the process. (The learning curve is steep–even though I’ve done this before.)

Worthy endeavor.

Next step, hosting & finding the financial resources to make it happen. Cost for 1 year is approximately $250.00

Planning, intending, visioning, calendaring & letting the Holy Spirit flow through me.

In grace, gratitude & blessings,

Rev Roberta


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