October Digest ~~ Porch Time ~~

 Summer is passed; the warm days are ending here in the Pacific NW. Mornings are cool; this morning includes fog. Fall colors are just beginning.                                                           Porch Time continues as little dampens the                       compelling draw of the river, the pond,

October 1, 2015 Fog across the Columbia River
October 1, 2015
Fog across the Columbia River
oct 1 2015-10-01 09.57.28
October 1, 2015

the ducks, geese, swans & life. 


It is here, on the porch, I see the unmistakable demonstration of the creativity of the One Life. Here I see life unfolding by the life in the pond and on the river; seasons change, moons marking time & space. It is here I see myself as part of this infinite creation/creative process. Here I see and witness and recognize at a conscious level this exists because I could imagine that I could/would have this experience. It is here, on the porch, I bring My Life into the Presence of the One Life, offering my prayers, and placing my wants and needs on the altar ~~ seeking clarity, insight, perspective ~~ forgiveness and healing ~~ no matter what I seek, it is received with compassion, for the One Life receives all of us this way.

It is here I test my commitment to this life and what I believe. Here my faith is tested and stretched, for not all prayers are answered the way I want them to be answered. It is here I learn to live tested and stretched and wait ~~ sometimes with patience, sometimes without ~~ the waiting is the necessary component. Either way, my faith grows as life unfolds.  The view from my porch changes by the moment, as life creates and expresses through me, as me.

There are no words to express the profound joy and gratitude. 

You are invited.

You know you are ready.

Call me to schedule a time. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.


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