Ancestry Brick Walls—Family History

In the family research world, a brick wall is what you have when you cannot find historical documentation about a family member.

crumbling-wall 10.8.2015For many people, brick walls occur several generations away. Besides, for many, they grow up knowing family history, so they know. Brick walls are something else when it begins with your mother and secrets. No, I wasn’t adopted. I was born into a family who didn’t want to talk & didn’t talk about their family & family history—or if they did, the stories did not stick.

That is the way it was until I joined an online ancestry research service in 2010. With available records, I compiled a family tree. Brick wall at mother’s mother. My grandmother.

Based on the information available, I did choose a family line. It includes long-established families from Western Europe who immigrated with the first waves to the new world; native American royalty; distinguished patriots living in the history of our country. Families who settled the continent, fought wars & lived life. I found a family with quite a story. I internalized those stories and decided that all that lived in me. It felt good to be connected and have a story.

A few days ago I saw that someone had taken a document from my mother’s family tree and posted to her tree. I followed the posting and saw a photo of my mother—never seen before. With her were other people–incontrovertible evidence connecting my mother to her mother, my grandmother and great grandmother.

I am stunned. The brick wall has come down…it is a different family line. A different family line with different lineage, different history. A whole new ancestry line to discover.

The brick wall is down. What stories will I find? What meaning will I find as I continue the search to discover Who I Am? How often does someone have an opportunity to discover and re-write history? OMG


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