Advent 2015 Week 4 – Joy

Week Four: Joy

Sunday, December 20 – Saturday, December 26              Tidings of Comfort and Joytidings of comfort and joy advent week 4 2015  12.20.2015            

Christmas draws closer, and each week of this Advent adventure, we’ve considered an aspect of this holy season:  Hope, Peace, Love and this week, Joy. 

Joy, a quality of God, is a feeling state: the state of Joy is the up-bubbling expression of Harmony, which is, according to Judge Thomas Troward, “First Law” and our natural state.  Joy cannot be contained or suppressed.  It cannot not be expressed.  It is infectious and, if we are paying attention, we can easily be caught up in the experience of Joy in any moment. 

Each week of this private journey of the heart, we’ve turned within to see where and how we are the Hope, Peace and Love to the world.  Take time during these last few busy days before Christmas to go within:  to recognize and remember, witness and affirm the presence within and the Joy to be expressed is the opportunity to realize that you are the promise of Christmas fulfilled—right here, right now!


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