HAPPY 2016

2016 from amy 12.30.2015



With gratitude to daughter, Amy, for providing this photo from Oahu a few days ago. (Next best thing to being there!)

With gratitude for the year(s) passing and all the adventures that lie ahead.

With gratitude to all those along the way who have taught me so much about the “grace of compassion”. (CMyss who opened my eyes)

Simply, “grace of compassion” simply is. Like the air around us, we are in it. We cannot be outside of it. It is in our very nature. Everywhere present.

The “grace of compassion” is the bridge between fear (separation) and peace (oneness).

With gratitude for knowing in advance that this “grace of compassion” is an emerging aspect of me and my ministry. Countless experiences in this past year where this grace was & is present. I have come to understand that, if I am willing, I can see this in all circumstances, all conditions.

What this last year has taught me is that as I can see it in the circumstance/condition, I am a presence for those who can’t see or feel it in the moment. This is my work…and it happens everywhere, at any time.

With gratitude for knowing in advance I will be surprised…I will be happy & sad…I will be fulfilled & left empty; I will be satisfied & disappointed…I will achieve & I will stumble…I will see the best of me & the worst show up, for I am in it for the “full tilt boogey life experience”.

With gratitude for new beginnings…daring to dream…to vision…to plan and scheme…

Stay tuned!


Rev Roberta



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